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Rok Cup USA – Welcome to the new racing era

As done at Round 2 Saturday qualifying heats will be done progressively, which means that the finishing order in the first heat will determine the starting order for the next heat and the sum of all heats will make the grid for Sundays Pre-final, Another addition to the series this year will be the new qualifying method, To avoid drafting between drivers. Qualifying position will be based on lap time from morning warm ups on Saturday. Pole sitter must choose whether to start first, or to start last. At this point qualify will run either by fastest times or invert-ed. Pole sitter must choose at least five minutes before the scheduled qualify time. The first seven drivers will be released with a five second gap between each driver. Drivers will receive 2 laps to go, white flag, and a checkered flag. Drivers must then immediately exit the track; the next group of five drivers will then be released. If a kart in front is caught up, the driver must move over or a penalty will be given.   Source:
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